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Great British Bake Off is back

It’s that time of year again!   As series 4 of GBBO is set to go out, we get a bit of a thrill seeing part of out garden or a flash of familiar wallpaper peeping out behind Paul, Mary or Mel and Sue in one of the many different.paper or magazine articles

While it is all going on we do have a few bemused and exited guests who can’t quite believe what they are seeing but they all seem to take it in good spirits and enjoy people watching through the window over breakfast.

Thank you everybody for making the bake off experience a party – even if it is an exhausting one! We have completely enjoyed being a very small part of such a popular show.

I can’t believe that nearly a year has passed by since I last blogged, Its not that nothing has happened – quite the reverse really which has meant that the time has flown by.

It has been another spectacular year for the Treehouse and the Yurt after a freezing start.

The prolonged period of great weather has enabled our guests to make full use of the Yurt hammock and the new basket chair in the Treehouse.

The Pink room and the Yellow room have both benefited from a minor rearrangement of the furniture both rooms look more spacious as a result and we have added new coffee machines to all the rooms so our guests can make real coffee at any time. – And we still supply a proper teapot and a selection of tea for all tea lovers!

As the bake-off filming was just finishing, our grandson Arlo was born and moved in here with us for a few weeks with his lively sister and parents. The next week my mother tumbled from her mobility scooter and broke both wrists and some ribs. The next few weeks were interesting to say the least but my daughter and family are now in their new home and my mother is out of plaster and recovering well so we are back on an even keel.  Until the next excitement anyway……

CEvansGreat British Bake Off is back