Wind and Rain

WindandRain2Like the rest of the country we have been lashed by wind and rain this winter but although sadly we have lost a few mature trees, like this cedar, no real damage has been done as there are over a thousand more trees on the estate.

We are about a 40 minute drive away from the Somerset levels which have been so badly hit by flooding and we feel for them. The warm wet winter has meant that the snowdrops, crocus and daffodil display started early.


CEvansWind and Rain
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The papers

We seem to have attracted quite a bit of attention in the papers over the last month or so. Starting with The Guardian Then the yurt was in The Telegraph.

Then the treehouse was in the cool camping guide one Saturday in the Times, but to see that you have to be a Times subscriber I believe.

We have also had major articles about the treehouse in the Western Daily Press and the Bristol Evening Post. Not to mention a radio slot on BBC Somerset.

Just recently the treehouse experience has had a proper review inThe Guardian

All the comment seems to be positive, with the exception of a chess player who noticed that the photographer had set the pieces incorrectly on the board!

All this has had an impact so book early!

CEvansThe papers
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Yo ho and up she rises

Treehouse main platform - Harptree CourtNow the treehouse base is talking shape, One day nothing is visible and then suddenly we have the basic supporting structure in place.

Standing underneath the legs you begin to understand the scale of what we are doing!

Meanwhile the yurt bases have also sprung up, waiting for the doors and windows now.

Yurt - Harptree Court

CEvansYo ho and up she rises
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The Treehouse floor goes in

Seeing the oversize timbers go in just makes everyone who sees it go Wow!
The platform seemed to start slowly, but this accelerated and once the sections of the floor arrived they went down almost straight away.
The walkway is made so that it can move with the oak tree. The ballistrade supports are delightfully wiggly
The way in goes up these stairs and over a platform in the oak tree
The base of the treehouse itself is now in position

Treehouse platform - Harptree Court
Treehouse stairway - Harptree Court
Treehouse platform 2 - Harptree Court
Treehouse platform 2 - Harptree Court
CEvansThe Treehouse floor goes in
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