First anniversary

The first anniversary for the Treehouse and the yurt have come and gone and our guests all seem to be delighted whatever the time of year or the weather! Linda and I couldn’t resist popping in to the Garden at Alnwick recently and had a lovely meal in their treehouse restaurant. We’re still delighted with ours but it does show what a reputed budget some 15-20 times ours can bring you.

Still, we did make the July issue of Vogue as one of the ‘Now’ places so we must be doing something right. Our friends tell us that we are the least likely people to ever feature in Vogue!

CEvansFirst anniversary
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First six months of the treehouse

Well, the first half year of operation has passed with our guests being wowed by the treehouse and the Yurt. The Yurt has long been put away for the winter but we were still having guests in November. We added a hot water bottle and then an electric blanket to ensure everyone stayed snug and warm. The only problem during the year was with squirrels! One day whilst we were away they ate our rubber gas connectors emptying the spare gas cylinders so the gas ran out. We had the gas back on within 12 hours but it was a worry. The gas pipes now have armour plating so unless the squirrels use weapons we should be alright. I cannot quite believe how booked up we are getting for 2012 now – the first half of the year is almost full in the treehouse.

CEvansFirst six months of the treehouse
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Racing to the finish

It has been about 3 weeks since my last post, not so much because there is so little progress but because there has been so much!

Once the base was completed the sides went on. The roof was put on. The cladding went on the outside and the roof was tiled.

To match the exterior work the plumbing first fix is in, the electrical work nears completion and today the insulation was blown into the cavities in the walls, floors and the roof!

Treehouse base - Harptree CourtTreehouse base - Harptree CourtTreehouse complete roof - Haptree Court

CEvansRacing to the finish
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Decking is now complete

Treehouse Stairs - Harptree CourtTreehouse Decking 2 - Harptree CourtThe stairs now have treads so that it is somewhat easier to get up

The decking outside the treehouse is completed and you can see the base of the structure itself

In a weeks time we hope to have the sides of the treehouse up and in position.

CEvansDecking is now complete
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The treehouse walkway underway

Treehouse platform starts - Harptree CourtThe first bit of the treehouse walkway is being put in place with the specially designed anchors minimising the impact on the oak tree. The way up to the treehouse will start with steps up to a platform in this mature oak tree. The platform support structure is now being added. As you can see one piece has been carefully shaped around one of the branches.

CEvansThe treehouse walkway underway
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Treehouse starts at last!

Treehouse pruning 2 - Harptree CourtWhoppee! After about a year of delays I can hardly believe that work is actually beginning on the treehouse.
Step 1 is to remove some sycamore trees and laurel to make room for the structure whilst retaining everything else so that the treehouse floats amongst the trees. We used Adam Clark for all the high tree work.
There isn’t much more to see yet but over the next 3-4 weeks we should get up to Platform height, I can’t wait….

CEvansTreehouse starts at last!
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