Scandifeast 2015

Niklas Ekstedt - Scandifeast 2015Wow! We have just finished hosting the first Scandifeast – a midsummer celebration of all things Scandinavian. Truly amazing to see some world class chefs in action here. Of particular note was Niklas Ekstedt recently seen on Masterchef working in his Michelin starred Stockholm Restaurant where everything is cooked over open fires. Deeply passionate about taking food back to basics, one feels his idea of perfection would be roasting fresh meat over an open fire at the mouth of a cave.

Trine Hahnemann - Scandifeast 2015We were privileged to meet Trine Hahnemann an enthusiastic supporter of local and organic food who ran a couple of sessions one a smorrebrod (open sandwich) demonstration and one showing a Danish Cake Table for all to enjoy. She stayed with us for three nights and we were fascinated to watch her cooking in our kitchen. She carried on telling us about her life whilst turning out some incredible and delicious creations. Trine also introduced her sister Silla Bjerrum who ran a fantastic herring masterclass.She is the winner of 2015 MSC Chef of the Year.

Joe Wadsack - Scandifeast 2015Joe Wadsack from BBC’s Food and Drink programme was great fun and seemed to embody the whole festival with his warm-hearted and generous approach, not only to his sessions on Scandinavian wine and spirits but also on being available to talk to anybody at any time. I must confess to being up late one night with him and his partner and just the odd glass of rather splendid wine.

Valentine Warner who has many television series under his belt both as a chef and good food enthusiast gave a session on flatbreads from Peters Yard, topped with many delicious fish toppings.

All in all we had two days of hard work, great food, great company, and a feast and celebration to remember. Gluttons for punishment that we are, we have agreed to host it again next year!
Check out   for the 2016 dates but note that most of the details are for the 2015 feast.

CEvansScandifeast 2015
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